About Us

Our salmon skins our sourced from accredited sustainable farms, infact we’re the only fish processor to have been awarded BAP (Best Aquaculture practises) in the UK, meaning everything from our sourcing to our processing is to a high level.

This is what makes our product “human grade” our pet treats are edible for humans, proven by the fact we also sell flavoured, de scaled ones to people all around the world.

Once we’ve gently baked our salmon skins, retaining high levels of omega we package them all by hand in house at our state of  the art facility in England. We’ve dedicated Sea Snax to supporting independent dog shelters, we will be alternating the charities we support throughout the year, if you’d like to send in your suggestion to one that thinks could do with free dog treats and financial support please let us know by emailing dan@sea-snax.co.uk

  With love,

Dan & Dom