Q: Where can I buy Sea Chips?

A: Please click on the 'Find Us' tab on this website to find your nearest stockist, or buy on the homepage.


Q: Are Sea Chips healthy?

A: Yes - they're healthy and nutritious. Sea Chips are 100% natural, very high in protein, carb and sugar free, and high in Omega 3.


Q: Are Sea Chips Gluten Free?

A: Yes.


Q: Is our salmon sustainably sourced?

A: Yes, our supplier is Grants, who are an accredited sustainably sourced supplier. We have a BAP accreditation, making us the only fish processor in the UK to hold the highest standard for best practises.


Q: Can Sea Chips be consumed as part of the Ketogenic (keto) and/or Paleolithic (paleo) diets?

A: Yes, Sea Chips is compatible with both of these diets.


Q: Do Sea Chips have any allergens?

A: Just the obvious one: fish.